Delaney Harper is a professional stylist at Luminosity Studio that practices hair, makeup, and eyelash extensions. “Uncle” is a long-running nickname with industry friends, referring to her down-to-earth, yet encouraging & light-hearted nature. Uncle D dabbled in eyelash extensions for eight years before becoming a Master Stylist at Blink Beauty, and ten years in hair & makeup artistry, exploring everything from soft, long-lasting airbrush makeup (for weddings/portraits) to creating prosthetic illusions for video productions. Word on the street is that she’s currently working on her own makeup line!

Early Years

Uncle Delaney is Sassoon Certified for precision hair cutting and has learned from a wide variety of mentors in creative color theory as well as color correction. She worked at Method Hair in Austin, TX for several years, including an apprenticeship until she later moved to Melbourne, Australia to further her education in progressive ingredients and European influenced minimalism.

“I believe less is more when it comes to a daily routine. I want to guide people into an easy maintenance program for themselves, even if that means breaking layers of bad color and negative self image. Goals can range from growing long, healthy curls or finding an edgy signature look that introduces your lifestyle to your self-expression! 

My style of lashes is lightweight and natural looking, with enough pop to make you feel put together in the morning or after a long day in the sun. 

I like to celebrate natural hair textures and can offer ideas that can make you feel brand new, even things that might seem like ridiculous ideas to you. I encourage all my clients to feel comfortable in sharing their hair inspo with me so that I can learn more about them & what their ideal style is. Uncle Delaney is always down. Please come by for a consultation or allergy test, I’d love to meet you!”