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How should I prepare for my lash appointment?

To ensure maximum bond of the adhesive to your lashes, please come with clean, dry eyes. Eyelashes cannot get wet for 24-48 hrs after application, so please plan accordingly.

If you are getting a full set, be prepared for a two-hour commitment where you will be laying down with your eyes closed. I have blankets available so you can get cozy! You’re also welcome to throw on some earbuds to listen to something while I work my magic.

Can I wear makeup to my appointment or put makeup on my extensions afterwards?

If you come to your appointment wearing makeup I have supplies to take it off, but keep in mind that it will be cutting into the time spent on getting your lashes full. There is also a possibility of it affecting the longevity of your extensions.

Everything that comes in contact with the lashes pre- and post- appointment should be oil-free. Waterproof makeup will especially be harmful to the bond. If avoiding eye makeup is out of the question, I suggest powder > liquid > pencils. When applying eye creams & moisturizers, leave some space from your lash line.

Will lash extensions harm my natural lashes?

No, I will ensure that the lashes grow out singular and safe. In the cases where your lashes are negatively affected, it’s usually caused by allergies or hard sleep where friction occurs. Long story short: don’t rub them and use your lash wand provided!

How do I keep my new lashes clean?

Gently wash them frequently as long as the cleanser you're using is oil-free. Your lashes will enjoy the bath and will lower the risk of allergens, oil, and bacteria from collecting and causing irritation.

I have sensitive skin or a special event, should I even attempt this? 

Yes! Come by for an allergy test if you have any concerns (it’s free!) and we will be able to talk about your needs and expectations before any commitment.

I have short fine lashes, can I get dramatic lashes?

I offer some volume options, but when it comes to fine lashes I keep the weight of the extension in mind. If I feel like a particular style will damage your natural lash or risk putting you in a physically uncomfortable situation, I will not do it. We can map out a plan together to manage expectations. If I don’t feel confident that you will be happy with the natural look I give you, I have references of other lash artists that are willing to take these risks.

How long will my extensions last? 

Your extensions will look good for 2-5 weeks. Each individual extension will last as long as your natural lash, and all your lashes are on a different schedule. Everyone’s body is different. You may have a really easy time keeping them full or you might have a spike in hormones/stress that causes your hair production to change. Be patient with yourself and let’s figure out what works best for your eyes and lifestyle!

What is a “lash fill”? 

A lash fill is in between full sets when your mature lashes have shed and your baby hairs have gotten long enough to hold an extension. Some folks like to come every 2 weeks for a 75 min appointment or some like to come every 4 weeks for a 90 min appointment. There is no wrong way to navigate your fills as long as you prevent your lashes from getting to the point where they’re heavy on the tips and causing discomfort. Pre-booking your fill appointments will help avoid these issues. 

What is a “volume add-on”? 

Volume lashes are finer extensions that I layer and fan on the thicker extensions for a more dramatic effect.  Volume add-ons are not for everyone, but if you’re curious, book an appointment and let’s see what you think!

How do I know what shape I want?

If you’re not sure of what you want, I’m happy to customize a shape for your eye with what I think is best! The possibilities are endless, so if you want extra curl/cat eye shape/subtle curl/round shape please let me know! Pictures of other lash looks are also helpful. 

What is a “lash lift”?

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your eyelashes. This service is great for people with long, strong, & straight eyelashes. It lasts up to 12 weeks and comes with a free lash tint for extra drama. You can combine this with your lash extensions if you want maximum curl and darkness. ;)


Why don’t I see men/women/children prices for haircut services?

I don’t set my prices based on gender ♥ 

If you don’t have much hair or the cut is for a child, please book a "Not a lot of Haircut" appointment. If your child has an adult head of hair, please book a regular cut. Both include shampoo & styling.

What is a bang trim/dry trim?

This is a 15 minute appoinment to shape up whatever haircut for whatever gender. This is a free service to keep your hairline/bangs fresh or to tweak a haircut. Please take advantage!

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